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Energy Monitoring

Monitor energy usage and production in real-time. Optimise energy usage and reduce costs.

Operations & Maintenance

Track performance, identify issues and receive alerts when maintenance is needed.

Energy Storage

Manage the energy you’ve generated and optimise its use by storing excess energy.

Off Grid Solar

Generate private power for remote areas or locations where it’s not feasible to connect to the grid.

NRGi Remote Energy Monitoring

NRGi remote energy monitoring is a technology that uses sensors, meters, and communication technology to monitor energy usage and production in real-time. It helps users optimise energy usage, reduce costs, and improve energy system performance.

It can be used to monitor industrial equipment and processes, track renewable energy system performance, identify issues, and make necessary repairs. It allows for real-time monitoring and control of energy systems, helping users optimise energy usage and understand their grid demands.

Monitoring Real-time control of energy systems
Optimisation Energy usage for industrial facilities
Tracking Renewable energy system performance

Operations and Maintenance

Operations and maintenance (O&M) is critical for a photovoltaic (PV) system’s proper functioning and longevity. Essential aspects of PV O&M include monitoring the system to track its performance, identify issues and alert when maintenance is needed. Regular preventive maintenance, such as inspecting and maintaining the system components to prevent potential failures, is also important. Corrective maintenance involves repairing or replacing any malfunctioning or damaged components.

Ensuring safety is essential by promptly addressing any electrical or structural issues. Regular monitoring and maintenance enable a PV system to generate clean, sustainable energy for many years.


Plants monitored MW
MWh produced
14475 t
CO2 reduced
Energy Storage

Energy Storage systems enables you to better manage the energy you have generated and optimise its use by storing excess energy when you’re not using it and having it available when you need it.

We can offer solutions to suit both small and large scale applications. With using our energy analytical software we can accurately design a energy storage system to meet your site requirements.



Off-grid PV systems are solar power systems that are not connected to the electricity grid. They are self-sufficient and generate their private power, making them suitable for remote areas or locations where it is not feasible to connect to the grid.

Off-grid PV systems can be used for a variety of applications, including powering homes, cabins, boats, telecommunication towers, and other remote equipment. They can provide a reliable and sustainable source of power, and can also be a cost-effective option for remote locations where a network grid connection may not be feasible

Cost effective

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